Past summit in Wales-July 2017 : workshop « Open Doors » hosted by VDKL

Report and pictures are coming soon !

From July 24th and 30th took place workshop « Open Doors » in Wales : we worked in response to the spaces of the new Pontio building in Bangor, North Wales, around the theme of “vertical conversations”.

Using the apparatus of vertical dance, the VDF’s choregraphers staged interventions in the public spaces of Pontio.

The public observed through the whole creation process and was invited to participate in the interventions.

On July 27th : we invited audience, dancers, to enjoy free collaborative performances by VDF taking place at 7.00pm in various locations (meeting point Bar Ffynnon).
Then at 8:15pm, a seminar followed the performance : « Shifting perspectives: conversations from different viewpoints » in order to discuss shifting perspectives and spatial perception in vertical dance for watchers and performers !
Followed  by a VDKL extract performance at 10.00 pm.

Find out all the information

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