Next summit in Italy – 30.10 to 4.11 2017 : An incubator « Vertical Hub »

The incubator will propose 3 day residencies for dancers who would like
to receive support and advice from a VDF member, pointed as their “tutor”.

Each session will focus on a specific area of expertise in order to provide access to knowledge, techniques, interdisciplinary skills, materials, safety protocols, dance and disability, community, training practices and performance. The project is aimed at companies or individual dancers and choreographers, and concerns both projects in their initial phase and those which are already underway, This open call is aimed at artists, local or international groups who work in the field of vertical dance, the artists can participate via a public call and by sending an outline of their project via email to Il Posto..

For the first time ever, Il Posto is introducing a new kind of HUB/LAB Vertical Dance in Venice !
Tailored to the needs of international choreographers, it will offer insight and the tools needed for artists/companies wishing to increase their knowledge and expertise for their vertical dance projects.


Where: Venice, Italy

When: October 31th –1st – 2nd November 2017
How to apply :
Send: Registration Form + CV + presentation of the project you are working on

Costs for participants: 3 days 300 euro (h10am-5pm provisional timetable)
Contact details :
For further information, please visit


We’ll also organise a public meeting on Friday 3rd October  about the « Creation of a European Vertical Dance Centres network » in order to establish a network of vertical dance centres and practitioners that share a common vision for the development of vertical dance in Europe and worldwide. Discussions will focus on needs, skills, training and teaching methods, “good practices” necessary to the development of the activity at a professional and international level.


– Applications will be accepted until all places are filled – notice will be posted on the VDF facebook page and,

– Each project accepted to the HUB/LAB will be offered mentorship from each of the VDF choreographers during 3 days and in the first day of the HUB/LAB each project will be assigned a main mentor from VDF. The schedule will be announced on the first day.

– The activity is scheduled for approximately 8 hours per day.

– The main venue for all activity is Il Posto Vertical Dance Centre in Forte Marghera, Mestre, VE, Italy. VDF may later decide on another outdoor site.

– Registration is at 9.30am on 31st October, the call for all participants is scheduled at 10am on the same day;

– The dancers participating in the HUB are required to attend the public meeting on the final day, 3rd November.

– The fee to participants of HUB LAB is 300 euro for the dancer/artist who send the registration form. Further dancers from the same project may attend for a fee of 150 euro each.

– We can help with the accommodation in a very simple guesthouse close to the venue Il Posto, the cost is 12 euro each night in shared rooms which accommodate 3/4 persons. You are required to bring your own bedding (sheets, pillowcases, sleeping bags) and towels.

Please write us for any other clarification



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