VDF is composed of vertical dance experts with various and complementary
backgrounds. Some are artistic directors of their own company; others are independent
artistic directors working for other artists’ projects. Some have worked with vertical
dance for many years; others are introducing this art in their territory. Some are doing
university researches; others are running field-related researches, etc.

The members are:
– Wanda Moretti – Il Posto (Italy)
– Fabrice Guillot – Retouramont and Vertical Dance Centre (France)
– Chantal McCormick – Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Theatre and Irish Aerial Creation Centre (Ireland)
– Lindsey Butcher – Gravity & Levity (UK)
– Kate Lawrence & SImon Edwards – Vertical Dance Kate Lawrence (North Wales)
– Marija Scekic – Histeria Nova (Croatia)
– Julia Taffe & Colin Zacharias – Aeriosa (Canada)